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Holly and Graham G.,
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The Design/Build Process

Design/Build is a concept arising from the need to simplify the remodeling process.   It allows the homeowner to achieve the largest result with the smallest effort, since one point of contact provides for all planning, design and construction.

In Design/Build, Abbey Road Construction follows this process:

  1. We meet to discuss your needs at your home or our office.  The object of the initial meeting is to discuss what you want to do, and how we can help.
  2. In our second meeting we propose a solution to your needs, and if there was no fixed budget, we also explain what we feel you would need to invest.  At this time, we may show you some sketches or drawings to help explain things.
  3. During our third meeting the time is spent shifting the scope of the work and the budget numbers around to reach a point where you are satisfied with both.
  4. The next step is the planning and design work.  You see this design as it takes shape, and we keep the predetermined budget in mind throughout the process.
  5. Once the design is finished, we fix all prices.
  6. You now have a firm price for your design which is within your budget because we have kept this figure in mind from the beginning.
  7. So the beauty of this process - a design you like and a price you can afford.

All this is achieved with a single phone call - as we said above “one point of contact” makes a complex process very simple for you. Call us!


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